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Pet Pop-ins (in your home)

A Pop-in is a visit to your home, to feed, water, 'let out', play and make sure your pet/s are happy and healthy while you are out at work or enjoying a day out. This service is tailorable to your specific needs!

If you have a dog, I can also include basic obedience/mental stimulation games as requested. I can even take them out for a quick toilet walk if needed as part of the 30mins.


This service can cater for and include all animal types, from fluffy mammals, to reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians, insects and other exotics.

I am DBS checked and insured.

Price per 30 minute pop-in - from £10

This service is perfect if you are local to us (Towcester, Northamptonshire).

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Victoria's Gatcombe estate dogs
Pet Sitting (in your home)

I offer pet sitting in your home while you are on holiday/away. You can rest assured your home and pets are happy and safe within their normal environment and routine. 


I cover, and am experienced with, dog kennels, catteries, small farm holdings, working dog kennels/estates and small private animal collections.

I am DBS checked and insured.


From £40 per day pet sitting in your home

Travel costs aren't included, please contact us for details. There are no travel costs if you are based in Towcester or nearby.


This service is limited to a few weeks per year and I do get booked up in advance so please get in touch to find out more!

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